After three sessions my cravings for alcohol are gone, as is my anxiety. I would absolutely recommend Hypnosis through Dr. Levenson.
Chris S.



If you want to start the next chapter in your life, look no further than Dr. Bob and Kim Levenson.

This team of certified hypnotherapists has over 35 years experience helping people become their best selves through hypnosis. They have seen hundreds of lives literally transformed as their clients eliminate the barriers, fears, and weaknesses that are holding them back. When you are hypnotized by these professionals, you can feel confident you are in experienced, capable hands.

Dr. Bob’s and Kim’s areas of special expertise are:


Discover a better way to eliminate yo-yo dieting. This comprehensive weight loss program is designed to help you lose weight and keep it off. It enables you to control your food intake, stop stress eating and eliminates self-sabotage.


Hypnosis is the key that can set you free from your smoking habit. Harness the power of your subconscious mind to give yourself the gift of better health.


Hypnotherapy is a fast, effective way of freeing you from your phobia. Wether you’re afraid of flying, heights or spiders, the Levenson phobia technique will help you overcome your irrational fear.


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Here’s Why Our Clients Recommend Us

“For my entire life, my life was ruled by food. I constantly thought about food 24/7 and had a voracious appetite that I couldn’t satisfy. After 1 or 2 hypnosis sessions with Dr. Levenson, my obsession with food was gone and I finally had control over my eating habits. The immediate results were astounding and after 3 months, I’m still enjoying the positive, enormous shift it has made in my life. I can’t thank Dr. Levenson enough.”

- Susan H.

“When I visited Dr. Bob five years ago to help me quit smoking I was full of fear that I wouldn’t be able to be successful in quitting. After the session, I threw my cigarettes away and never looked back. I’m a non-smoker who has never experienced cravings. I’m free from the bondage of this addiction.  No more ball and chain for me.  I’ve referred Dr. Bob to several coaching clients and friends who have also experienced great success.”

- Nicole C.

“I was desperate to find some way to enjoy flying again. I tried anti-anxiety drugs, but I just felt dizzy and still afraid on the plane. I heard of hypnotherapy for weight loss or stop smoking, maybe it would work for my fear of flying. I met with Dr. Levenson who was so kind and made me feel comfortable right away. After 2 sessions I already felt different and when I was on the plane to Cuba, it was like I never had the fear. I would recommend going for hypnotherapy for any problem that haunts you. Dr. Levenson is amazing. I can’t wait to go on my next trip.”

- Karin S.


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