Conventional wisdom dictates to be healthy and stay fit you should be doing at least 6 hrs of intensive cardio a week the truth is often I can’t live up to this criterion.  I find it often impossible to make time for a sweaty 11/2 exercise workout on a workday. When I drive home I’m usually so exhausted I have no desire to go through a strenuous physical workout.

Many of my hypnosis clients have the same time limitations. Whether they be teachers, contractors, lawyers, entrepreneurs and young stay at home mothers they all have one thing in common. They’re frustrated they have no time to exercise. As one young mother with three children below the age of 5 lamented to me, “I barely can take 2 minutes time to go to the bathroom”.

Not having time to exercise is often a major concern for people who are trying to lose weight. They feel defeated because they know how important it is to exercise if they want to lose their weight.

I may not be interested in losing weight, but I know how much better I feel when I exercise.  It’s one of my best ways to alleviate stress.

Not being able to spend huge chunks of time exercising forced me to find another way to achieve my fitness goals.

My method has several advantages over the modern specialized gym/fitness craze. I don’t need to commit to exercise at a certain time or worry about missing a fitness class. I can exercise whenever have 10 or 15 minutes to spare. I don’t need to go to a gym.

The method is also very good for weight loss. You may not lose weight as fast as those who do the 2-hour intensive exercise routine but because it’s easier to maintain it greatly lowers the risk of regaining the weight.

To learn more:

The exercise system basically consists of three components.

  • The first is move your body several times a day. Instead of the traditional on hour or 45 minutes of running, break it up into 3 smaller runs of 15 minutes. Spreading them out over the day ensures your metabolism stays high. The moving can be walking, running, swimming or whatever you like doing.
  • The second step is to lift weights at least twice a week.
  • And the third is sprint for 20 to 60 seconds several times a week.

Here is my version of this more flexible way of exercising. I take 3 or 4 walk/runs a day.  Each one is between 10-20 minutes. My first walk is at 8:30 am.  I drive to my office and before I step into the building I take a 15-minute walk/run. I leisurely stroll through a very scenic area that has lots of pine, poplar and willow trees. As I walk past the lilac bushes, I pause and deeply inhale the gorgeous scent of lilac. After 4 or 5 minutes of walking I start jogging for 3- 6 minutes. I usually pass an elementary school and go onto the football field. I do 20 push-ups, 10 planks and 10 squats. Push-ups, planks and squats are great alternatives to lifting weights in a gym. At some point on my walk I break out into a 20-60 sec. sprint.

I do another 15-30 routine right before lunch or in the early afternoon around 2:00pm. I go for another walk/run/lift/sprint in the later afternoon or just before I go home for supper.

To me this kind of physical activity doesn’t feel like exercise.  Kind of makes me feel like my early ancestors in the pre-industrial age. They were hunters and gatherers. They never stood still for too long. A modern-day culture that has maintained this healthy way of living is the “Taramahara” – a New Mexican mountain people who still don’t have vehicles. There only way to get places is to use their feet. No wonder they all tend to be slim and extremely fit.

I am not suggesting you stop going to the gym. If you like using equipment and long sweaty workouts, then keep doing them. I personally like to do yoga twice a week and a small weight training at the gym.

We have sacrificed our physical movement for ease and comfort.  
This approach to fitness and health is not new.  When we were children we were constantly moving-playing Hop-Scotch, skipping or maybe a game of street football or soccer. We didn’t have the convenience of a car. We walked or ran to school or our friend’s house. Contrast that with today’s lifestyle.  The typical person drives to the shopping centre even it’s only10 minutes walking distance. 


Most people don’t have hours of time to commit to exercise. The problem can be particularly upsetting for people who are trying to lose weight. With my exercise system you can miss one of your 2hr workouts and not feel guilty. It eliminates the all or nothing mentality where you end up doing no exercise whatsoever.

My alternative to today’s reliance on exercise classes and equipment was born out necessity. I didn’t want the responsibilities of adulthood to deprive me of my right to be healthy and fit so I came up with a creative approach.  I can do it anywhere and anytime I like. I do less, but I do it more often. Instead of exercising for an hour once a day. I exercise for 15 minutes several times a day. I don’t require special machinery to keep my muscles strong. I do push-ups, planks and squats.  

Taking small outdoor breaks throughout the day refreshes me, reduces my stress level and enhances my productivity. The joy of being in the beautiful outdoors releases endorphins which make me much more positive and effective at my work.

If you try my system out, please give me some feedback.



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