Unleash the Power of Your Subconscious Mind and Leave the Cigarette Pack In The Dust

Ending an addiction, any addiction, is one of the hardest things a person can do. Once the brain has been wired to need cigarettes, it can be nearly impossible to re-wire the brain using willpower alone. Patches, nicotine gum, and other remedies are sometimes effective, but the relapse rate with those solutions is 60-90% within the first year, not to mention the discomfort and inconvenience associated with them. In addition, with other stop smoking solutions, the cravings of addiction never seem to go away.

Hypnosis is a more effective solution because it helps you win the battle on both fronts: breaking the habit and ending cravings so you don’t relapse.

Listen to Ross describe how Dr. Bob helped him eliminate his 40-year-old smoking habit.

Here’s how our hypnosis program works:

Step 1. Defeats the habit.
The greatest difficulty in quitting smoking is overcoming the habit. The patch and other smoking cessation aids do not have any effect on the mind. They cannot eliminate the habitual triggers that cause you to reach for a cigarette. That is why they work only for a short period of time and you are constantly relapsing.

Hypnosis deactivates your triggers. You’re okay with not having a smoke when you finish dinner or a coffee.  When you’re on the phone or drinking you won’t need to smoke.  No matter what triggers your smoking, hypnosis helps you eliminate them.

Step 2. Ends your slavery to nicotine.
Hypnosis decreases nicotine cravings. When the cravings are smaller, it’s so much easier to control the habit.

Step 3. Increases your self-control. 
The strongest urge won’t cause you to give in and light up. If someone offers you a cigarette, you will happily say no and be proud that you’re a non-smoker.

Step 4. Stress won’t trigger your smoking habit.
Discover how deep abdominal breathing and refocusing your attention helps you release tension and relax without lighting up.

Step 5. No Weight Gain.
With the loss of one bad habit, sometimes other unwanted behaviors fill the void. If food is one of your substitutes, we give you suggestions which prevent this from happening.

Step 6. Ends your Procrastination.
Smoking robs you of time and energy. You will finally have the time and energy to get around to those unfinished projects after you kick your smoking habit.

Step 7. Your stop smoking session is recorded.
Repetition is the key to long-term success. Relistening to your hypnosis session reinforces your self-control and increases your ability to remain a non-smoker.

Here’s Why Our Clients Recommend Us

“When I visited Dr. Bob five years ago to help me quit smoking I was full of fear that I wouldn’t be able to be successful in quitting. After the session, I threw my cigarettes away and never looked back. I’m a non-smoker who has never experienced cravings. I’m free from the bondage of this addiction.  No more ball and chain for me.  I’ve referred Dr. Bob to several coaching clients and friends who have also experienced great success.”

- Nicole C. *

*DISCLAIMER: There’s no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary.

Our Unbeatable Pricing Policy Guarantee

Our hypnosis sessions cost 10-20% less than competitors*. We also offer student and senior citizen discounts. If you can’t afford our hypnotherapy, please discuss your financial constraints with us and we will be happy to put you on a flexible payment plan.

*compared to other hypnotherapists with equal years of training and experience.

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