The Weight Escape®

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Eat healthy

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A Better Way to Lose Weight



This weight control program leverages the power of your subconscious mind to take back control of your eating habits. Food will no longer control you.

“Dr. Levenson helped me get over my bulimia. His hypnosis is a very powerful method that I would recommend to any of my family, friends, or anyone who is struggling with any kind of addiction.”

– Jennifer M

These are The Weight Escape® steps:

Step 1: Develop healthier eating habits.

  • Be satisfied with smaller portions.
  • Stop snacking in between meals.
  • Eat slowly and mindfully.
  • Eat only when you’re truly hungry.
  • Find alternative ways to reward yourself.
  • Eat healthier foods.
  • Eliminate, carbs, sweets, and junk food.
  • Stop nighttime grazing and bingeing.

Step 2: Eliminate stress and emotional eating.

The reason diets don’t work is because they fail to find a healthy replacement for stress relief.

What hypnosis will help you achieve:

  • You will stop eating when you’re stressed.No matter whether you’re sad, angry or distressed it won’t cause you to indulge in excessive eating.
  • Gain self-control.
  • Learn self-hypnosis for deep relaxation and inner peace.  You’ll be able to handle stressful situations with greater poise, calmness and confidence.
  • Hypnosis decreases your stress level. (Stress can cause people to secrete higher levels of cortisol which can increase body fat often around the belly.)

Step 3: Make physical activity a key priority.


Besides burning calories, exercise calms and alleviates stress. It also stimulates the production of endorphins which elevate your mood and make you happier.

Hypnotic suggestions will motivate you to:

  • Make physical fitness as important as brushing your teeth.
  • Schedule it into your daily activities.
  • Not be stationary for extended periods of time. You’ll want to run, walk, swim or dance just for the fun of it.
  • Stop making excuses.

Step 4: Keep your motivation up.


Bob and Kim will hypnotize you to stay on track no matter what’s happening around you.


  • You’ll overcome discouragement.
  • No matter what happens – losing your job or a relationship ends, you won’t lose your motivation.
  • Even if you don’t see results fast enough, you won’t give up. You will stay on track until you reach your weight loss goal.

Step 5: Raise the Bar on Your Self-Esteem.

If you have low self-esteem, it’s hard to make your health a priority. You feel guilty when you set aside time to exercise and plan healthier meals.

With our support, you’ll realize your happiness and health is important. You’ll increase your self-esteem and start taking better care of yourself.

Step 6: Boost your confidence.

The Weight Escape® program will:

  • Increase your confidence so you can deal with setbacks and plateaus.
  • Help you overcome emotional blocks and barriers.
  • You’ll be able to take a compliment.

Step 7: Eliminate self-sabotage.


Have you ever been on a diet for a few months and then suddenly drop it like a hot potato and regain all the weight?

The Weight Escape® is designed to:

  • Identify emotional issues and old habits that sabotage your weight loss.
  • Give you effective tools to resolve issues related to your weight gain.
  • Help you stay on track no matter how stressful your life becomes.
  • Keep the weight off.

I was a girl in her mid 20’s that struggled with her weight and motivation  I would eat large portions and make myself feel bad about this, Since getting hypnotized by Dr. Bob, I make healthier food choices and feel full after smaller portions My motivation has increased and I now workout everyday.   Big thank you to DR Bob for my new outlook on life 😁.”

- Robyn O.

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